How To Get Rid Of Herpes?

November 28, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

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Paul asks…

herpes outbreak is lasting over 1 month plz plz plz help w/ suggestions on how to get rid of this sh*t!?

on meds already i can’t stop being STRESSED b/c i can’t get rid of it help plz. also taking l-lysine 1000mg per day
what does tagament do?
11yrs other than my first this is one of my strongest also this yr alone i got it in Jan, Mar, May, Jul yes very other month but this time its really lasting

AlanaJoline answers:

What meds are you taking for your outbreaks? I never did well with acyclovier but love valtrex. Try taking 1000mg’s of lysine 3 times daily (3000 total) that’s the normal dose to supress herpes. I know it’s stressful especially if it’s your first outbreak but stress can trigger outbreaks aswell. Try to relax and get enough sleep. Try exercising (preferably cardio) and stay away from long exposure to the sun. If it’s your first outbreak it’s the worst it’ll ever so once this is over it most likely won’t ever be as bad as it is again. Wanna talk herpes? Feel free to email or IM me.

Mark asks…

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and think I’m getting a herpes outbreak…how long does the valtrex take?

How long will it take for the valtrex to get rid of it?

Has anyone had a similar situation?

I haven’t had an outbreak in over 2 years but I’m pretty sure one is coming on.

AlanaJoline answers:

If you take it at the onset of the outbreak, it will be more effective. Everyone is different, but it should clear the OB up within 3-5 days. Talk to you ob/gyn and advise them of this just in case you go into labor and also ask them is there any chance that valtrex will harm your baby.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Jenny asks…

how can i strenghten my immune system to get rid of my hpv virus and my herpes outbreaks?

how could i stenghten my immune systen against hpv virus

AlanaJoline answers:

You can’t really, except in the ordinary ways of eating well, sleeping enough, and controlling stress.

Thomas asks…

Curing herpes outbreak on mouth?

I got an outbreak just recently, this has been the first in like 4-5 monthes. IS that bad? and I kind of touched it and tried to pop it…is that bad? I hope it’s not infected…and it won’t be as bad as the pictures on google right? I am wandering if the outbreak will go away if i treat it correctly, and there would be no marks around my mouth? can people help me so that i won’t get as much outbreaks and how to get rid of them as fast as you can?
I hope it is not infected? i am scared of the pictures they post on google. could it get that bad. this is the only thing i have. I scabbed it a little, and kept touching it I am scared of infection. Is there a way to cure it?

AlanaJoline answers:

Typically herpes outbreaks are worse during the first outbreak and for most people their frequency and severity will decrease in time. So to answer your question, I seriously doubt that they will get worse. You’ve probably already had experienced the worse.

You shouldn’t pop herpes blisters. Let them heal on their own. The clear liquid inside the blisters can get onto your fingers and can infect other parts of your body. Always wash your hand thoroughly with soap and warm water after touching.

There is no cure for herpes but you can effectively control it through several different ways such as through your diet, prescription drugs, supplements (Lysine), etc. Do some research and you’ll uncover many different treatment methods. Everybody is different so you May have to try several different treatments before you find one that’s right for you.

Charles asks…

Can anyone please help help help me get rid of razor burn?

every time i shave down south i end up looking like ive had a massive herpes outbreak. I have gotten waxed before but it’s not something i want to do more than a couple times a year. Any suggestions to on how to get rid of razor burn and/or stop it in the first place?

AlanaJoline answers:

Use conditioner on your pubes first before you shave, then after use an ice cube to tighten up the skin and close yuor pores forcing any oil out and making yur hair folliciles stick out (think goosebumps) so there’s less chance they will become ingrown. Also, it sounds weird but putting deodorant on after prevents whatever kinda of bacteria that grows in your pores from growing. Your skin gets used to shaving over time too, and snce most irritation occurs in the upper triangle region, you could always jsut trim that area and just shave around your lips and butt, that’s the most important areas anyway and I never get razor burn there, only up top

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10 Responses to “How To Get Rid Of Herpes?”

  1. LN13 Says:

    I have this actually bad cold sore above my lip, and I was wondering ways to do away with it or at least lessen it’s size in a couple hours? I have a kinda big occasion showing up, and I REQUIRED IT GONE.


  2. Christopher J Says:

    How can you eliminate zits without any special creams or medicine?


  3. Catill Says:

    Normally I would just let the cold sore heal on it’s own; nonetheless, I am visiting my girlfriend on Friday and having a cold sore will ruin my trip. Exists any feasible means to get rid of it in the next couple of days, specifically because I simply got up with it this morning? I certainly don’t have the STD herpes because I’ve been getting the cold sore kind for many years. It’s not an STD due to the fact that I’ve only been with a single person and she doesn’t have it either.


  4. Gabriel Kenney Says:

    Ok i have 2 questions. I was asking yourself if this can work. What if you constructed with a girl who had herpes(you didn’t know), but then right after rinsed your mouth with Listerine or something. Would that stop the herpes or would you still get it? Another concern: can you ever do away with herpes? It does not seem like enjoyable to constantly have to handle the blisters and stuff. Is their medicine to permanently eliminate herpes?


  5. JDOGG1122 Says:

    If the Sacral Nerve Root Ganglia (S2-S5) where Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (genital herpes) occupies the nerve cells were severed from the spine, would the nerve die … and the virus with it. Could the nerves then be re-attached and the virus continue to be dead?


  6. Jeffery Carlson Says:

    I bit the inside webbing of my lesser lip and white scabs have actually formed. They are extremely painful, and seem to be like open wounds, not taking the shape of canker sores. How do I get rid of them? It’s been a week since the accident happened …


  7. Chester Says:

    I got a fever blister yesterday, and I have a performance tomorrow and a date, so I need to do away with this quickly because it’s visiting be a little embarrassing. Does anybody have any concepts about how you can accelerate the process and potentially do away with it in one day (house solutions)? Additionally, the amount of does Abreva assistance? Thank you beforehand.


  8. lildevilgurl152004 Says:

    I have a cold sore in my mouth that stings a whole lot and it made my lips dry. I can’t eat anything because it stings my mouth. I tried seawater but it won’t work. Exactly how am I expect to obtain rid of the cold sores?


  9. Jeffery Carlson Says:

    My roomate has genetal herpes what are some percautions that i need to take so i wont get infected?


  10. Larry R Says:

    Is it feasible for individuals who passed brain surgical procedure to have herpes zoster inside the skull or brains?


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